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Interolog/Regulog Database


1. Database query: gene names used in this database

ArabidopsisORF nameSuch as: At2g07000
CandidaFrom Stanford Genome Technology CenterSuch as: orf19.2093.prot
DrosophilaCelera IDSuch as: CG9633-PA
C.elegansWormbase IDSuch as: Y47G6A.18

2. How to use

In order to find possible physical or regulatory interaction partners of one favorite protein, the user simply inputs the names of the organism and the protein. For the protein-protein interolog database, all predicted interaction partners ranked by joint E value will be returned by the database. A suitable joint E value cut-off for the predicted interactions can be determined from the distribution of the P values as a function of the joint E value for certain organism. In the database, each protein is also linked to an external web resource such as SGD, wormbase or flybase, etc, so that the user can easily find out the available information for the proteins in our database. For the regulog database, all predicted transcription factors and their targets are ranked by the sequence homology between the factor in the query organism and its homolog in yeast. The layout of the webpage is similar to that of the interolog database.


3. Contact us

Haiyuan Yu
Xiaowei Zhu
Last updated: 06/10/2004